Field Courses

Primate Behavior and Ecology (August 1 to 21, 2022)

Instructor: Dr. Jill Pruetz

Texas State University, Professor of Anthropology

Program Description:

This course on primate behavior and ecology is taught at the Camaquiri Conservation Initiative site in northeastern Costa Rica ( ). Students will learn basic aspects of primate behavior and ecology through lectures and will learn techniques of behavioral observation and ecological measurement via group exercises. They will apply this knowledge to independent research projects on one of the three primate species occurring at Camaquiri and will present their findings at the end of the course.

The course provides instruction and experience in the following field techniques:


  1. Methods of data collection on the behavioral ecology of free-ranging primates

  2. Methods of census and demography, including mapping techniques

  3. Methods of collecting data on food availability in a tropical forest

  4. Methods of sampling forest structure in a tropical forest.​

Costs for the course will include meals, lodging and transportation within Costa Rica. Costs do not include airfare to Costa Rica or course credits, which should be arranged with the student’s home university. Please contact Dr. Pruetz ( ) for more information.​

The second portion of the course involves RESEARCH DESIGN, DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS, RESEARCH PRESENTATION: interpretation, evaluation, and organization of field data; preparation of written reports on research.

Application form:

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